Multi color stamp

Multi color stamp

Trodat Multi Color Impression is an innovative and unique stamp solution with which individual, multi coloured stamp impressions can be realised. So for the first time, you can display colourful symbols or design your logo in colour.

The new stamp impressions are colourful. Because life is colourful.

multi color stamp



Advantages of Multi-Color Stamps:-

  • An individual, multicoloured stamp impression is something special. It helps to set you off from the competition.
  • Your stamp impression can display colourful symbols or present your logo in the colours according to your Corporate Identity.
  • An attractive pallet of fifteen standard colours, as well as a few special colours is available to you.


muti color stamp

muti color stamp


There are only two things to bear in mind for a technically flawless stamp impression:

  • Differently coloured letters and symbols must be at least 1.5 mm apart.
  • A continuous colour field is at least 7 mm x 7 mm
    muti color stamp


Contiguous colours and colour blends are not possible.



Available Ink Colors for Multi-Color Stamp:

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