PVC Cards

PVC Cards

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Design a pre-printed plastic PVC cards is a showcase of your company’s brand and build customer loyalty. It is also an option for membership cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and more.

PVC cards are the trend these days and professionals and business people all over the world love it for being more durable and flexible. Plus the fact that it is waterproof and tear proof, saves you money from reprinting.

Resistant plastic with a range of background colours: Gold, Silver, White or Transparent. It also comes with variety thickness as well for different application.


Available Customization & Effects Option

  1. Punch

    Option: Slot(oval shape for ID clip necklace), Hole(circle shape for tags and ID necklace)

  2. Magnetic Stripes

    Magnetic Stripe is a useful option to add to your card. It stores a small amount of information such as customer info, account numbers, member numbers, user ID or also key access codes for locks and other mechanisms. New card works with existing card readers and software programs.

  3. Embossing

    Tipping refers to coloring tip of the raised or embossed letters with certain colors to make the numbers or letters stand out from the card. Gold and silver colors are available.

  4. Scratch Off

    Add Scratch off to your cards for Pin Number, Scratch-off games, and promotional items.


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