Laser Engraver MKII

Laser Engraver MKII

Laser Engraver MKII is a new laser technology, compact size & has a user friendly system. The all-new Jigs System comes with variable size of template to engrave nametags. Any nametag material with laserable function can be used on this machine, especially the most popular nametags: BLACK/WHITE Nametags


What is the benefits?

  1. Plug & Play
  2. Compact Size
  3. Comes with Jigs/Template
  4. Can Engrave Graphics & different type of Fonts
  5. Air Assist System
  6. Easier to use, can delegate process.


Because it is:

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Compact size
  3. Provide Express Services
  4. Suitable even for smaller work area


Laser Engraver MKII basic package includes:



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