Express Stamp Maker

Express Stamp Maker

The Express Stamp Maker Kit is ideal for making custom stamps quickly & easily. These stamps can be used for stationery, business, art & craft.

What is the benefits?

  1. No pouring resin
  2. No mess
  3. No bubbles
  4. No laying of film, tape or pouring resin, saving over 10 minutes per plate. Typically 30% less waste.
  5. Reduced stock, carrying only one item not four.
  6. Easier to use, can delegate process.


Just print a negative on your own inkjet printer, place it in the clamp provided on top of the sachet and slide it into the Stampmaker unit twice either way up and its done. Then just wash out and harden and you have a beautiful detailed stamp made in just minutes and at an unbelievably low cost.


Because it is:

  1. Easy to setup
  2. Compact size
  3. Provide Express Services
  4. Suitable even for smaller work area


The Imagepac Xtra Clear is ideally suited for making craft stamps or for business stamp applications where you want to mask to produce large numbers of the same sized pre-cut stamps. We have 3 different sizes of the sachets:















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